Telepsychiatry provides mental health services through videoconferencing. It is available for those patients who prefer to have their medications managed via remote visits. They are just like office visits and can offer some benefits. 

- It brings care to your location 

- It can be scheduled outside of normal business hours 

- It may be beneficial to those that travel often 

- It improves continuity of care and lessens missed appointments 

- It reduces the need for child care 

- It reduces the need for time off from work 

- It reduces transportation issues 

How it works. If your treatment plan and medications are working and you would like to explore telepsychiatry just mention it during one of our visits. We will scehdule it just like an appointment and meet up online in a HIPPA and privacy protected server. You can use a cell phone, laptop, tablet, or home computer. Medication management visits last 20 minutes. Insurance companies in NJ are mandated by law to accept telepsychiatry in their covered service. After the visit I will adust medications as needed and escript to your pharmacy. Note- patients taking controlled dangerous substances such as stimulants and benzodiazepines may not use telepsychiatry for medication mangement.